Thursday, January 10, 2008

2 Steps Back

I still cannot believe that I actually did it…. I have just tendered my resignation yesterday after working in this company for about 3 and a half years. Many concern colleagues asked if I have found a job and my answer is No, really, I am going to be jobless…. by choice….for a while….I doesn’t really know how long.

Hub and I have gone through this many times and brush it off many times too over 2007; Leave? Stay? Wait for promotion? Leave? Wait for pay raise? Stay?

I reckon sometimes in life, in order to take a big leap, you just have to take 2 steps back. I hope I will not regret this choice but one thing I know for sure; if I don’t take this step, I will definitely regret it. I am grateful that Hub promised to stick by me, well, financially I hope…*evil grin*

Yes, Hub and I have our own plans and we do not feel comfortable at this point to reveal anything yet to relatives or friends. Just trust me I did not leave without a reason ; P

Well good news is, I will have a lot of me time from March onwards (“,) to do my favorite thing……To Cook!!!

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