Monday, April 14, 2008

Herbal Chicken

Always look forward to this dish my Mum make; this is the one dish that never fail if you have guests over for dinner. Cooked this a couple of times when I was in Perth and it makes a good ‘next day lunch’ as well plus it is also a good way of clearing bottles of chicken essence that friends or relatives buy for you when you are sick or have been hospitalised. This is the only way I will drink my chicken essence; in my dishes ; D
It’s really simple to prepare, all you need is chicken and a packet of Seah’s Emperor Herbs Chicken Spices…..Of course, I added other stuff….

Here’s the recipe

What you need:
6-8 chicken drumsticks or 1 whole chicken
1 packet of Seah’s Emperor Herbs Chicken Spices
½ cup of wolfberries
4-5 pieces of Dang Kwai
1 bottle of chicken essence


1. Open up the HDPE paper provided in the stew mix
2. Place the drumsticks in the centre of the paper
3. Rub the stew powder on the drumsticks
4. Add the wolfberries and Dang Kwai.
5. Tie the HDPE paper in a knot; lengthwise and breadthwise
6. Put the parcel in the centre of the aluminium foil provided and seal it properly.
7. Steam the chicken parcel for 2 ½ hours
8. Remove the parcel during the last half hour, open it up carefully & add in the chicken essence.
9. Tie it up again and steam it for another half and hour.

Note: If you don’t want to add the chicken essence, you can try adding 2 tbsp of Hua Diao wine before serving the chicken.

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