Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chinese Groceries!!

Hooray, Hub collected his car last night! We managed to squeeze in half an hour of grocery shopping before the Asian supermarket closes. Look what I have got ; p I felt like I had just participated in a Big Supermarket Sweep *LOL*well that's every housewife's dream isn't it?? Or just mine?

Hub almost pass out last night at the supermarket....What you see in the pic are only half of what I have bought....the rest are all in the fridge ; )

Hub's colleague T, was with us last night and he got to help us carry all that stuff to our apartment. Hub kept telling me don't have to buy so much, we can always go back but the thing is the supermarket is 2 hrs drive from our apartment....Thus I don't really think we will be going back there any time soon... Plus all these toys are going to keep me busy for a while ; )

This is my brunch yesterday; Parmesan toast, grilled tomatoes and Oyster Stew (well, it's Campbell).


Chilliqueen said...

halo! Great to see you getting all the stuff[food] ready! Its seen like its gonna keep you busy for a couple more days :-).....and did u mention the supermarket opening for the last HALF an hr?! and U can GRAB so many things.......Mine, what can I say?! YOU ARE GOOD!

WY said...

hey hey hey

great to hear you are well in one piece. i just came back from my hols in phuket! was so f*king sick the whole time so i didn't really enjoy myself. so so so, are you dead bored yet? haha. now that i'm a housewife, i think i should start cooking a lot more...

Happy Belly said...

At least u still have frds and family back home....Quite boring here but at least Hub gets to come home early everyday so I am not so lonely ; ) But at get each other's throat oready kekeke

Happy Belly said...

Not bad huh, told u I am a polished 'auntie' oready....Hub paying the bill so just grab, no need to check price!!!Just kidding lah, still ve to save $ to buy my Coach bags ;p