Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pure Chicken Essence

Hub has been making this for me every month since we found out that I was pregnant. This chicken essence is supposed to be very nourishing and it taste great too!

We use a double-boil pot, invert a small porcelain bowl in it (you can see the base of the bowl in the picture below). Skin a whole chicken (without the head and butt), chop it up (smash the bones if you can) and place the chopped chicken into the pot. I like to add some wolfberries into it as well. DO NOT ADD WATER..

Transfer the double-boil pot into a big stockpot and fill it up with water until it reaches about half the level outside the double-boil pot. Boil for about 3 hrs. And this is what you will get at the end of 3 hours...
Exactly 1 small bowl of concentrated chicken essence full of flavor. The chicken pieces are very dry at the end of the cooking. U can discard them after the cooking process or sometimes I use them to make chicken porridge or if I am lazy to cook...I will add some canned stock to cook my rice and that's chicken rice for dinner ; p

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