Monday, December 17, 2007

Red Bean Soup Dessert

Finally Hub is back! I am just so glad that he will be able to spend Christmas with me otherwise I will feel so lonely during this festive season especially with so many Christmas lunches and dinners all arranged with relatives and friends...

I will usually try to cook something when Hub comes back from overseas, it's my way of showing him that I am glad he is back safely and also I miss him. The time of his arrival usually determines the type of food I will cook for him. I made Blueberry Banana Loaf when he came back on a morning flight from Italy the week before and as he's coming on a evening flight today, I decided to make red bean soup for his supper. Happy Belly doesn't like to go to bed hungry
; P

I have made his favourite red bean soup, he likes the typical Cantonese style. The puree type. I just use my good ol' slow cooker to do the job.

Red Bean Soup
1.5 cup of red bean
2 medium size rock sugar
about 1.5 L of hot water
Half cup sago


Add red bean and water into slow cooker and let it cook on High for about 4 to 5 hrs.
Add in rock sugar and sago and let it cook for another 45 mins.

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