Monday, February 25, 2008

Beautiful Korean Babies...

Please pardon my grammatical and spelling mistakes in my posts, as you know I am now a full time well, housewife/home maker/ maid etc...I do not have the luxury of creating my post using my company's high speed laptop with the lastest software. Instead I have been using a 7 inch screen Kohjinsha since Feb, it's a good laptop but the only thing is that you have to squint your eyes and sit very close to the monitor. Okay, a bit of exaggeration here....

Received an email from my Taiwanese girlfriend and I am glad to find out that she is expecting! Congratulations YY!!!

Before I forget, tried these Korean gems last Sunday and they are Great! Hub was whispering behind my ears that they are expensive while I was trying to choose the best looking punnet from the foodstall. Sorry Baby, I couldn't resist them...But you do agree that they are nice right....*Grin*

These strawberries are absolutely the sweetest that I have ever tasted and every single one of them are perfect. You know, no bruise and very red. They reminded me of the 'Acid-free' oranges I used to buy during summer in Perth. Yes, the oranges are considered acid-free because it is low in citric acid and hence, very sweet.

Do give these Korean strawberries a try when you see them the next time..

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