Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Pot of Wealth

Can you guess what this is?.... It is my own wealth pot. *Grin*

Went out with my girlfriends to buy some fengshui stuff for my home. The girls bought their wealth pots; which according to them is a pot mixed with 5 auspicious items to display at home so that it will accumulate wealth for the family.

Being the vain me, I thought the ones they bought looked kind of "Chee-na" (aka old fashion) to be placed in my living room. So I decided to customise my own instead....Well, the shop owner says I can do that too ; P

Bought these apples which symbolises "safety" in Mandarin and a wealth ball (it's the yellow ball in the middle) It's a total of 5 items including the 'green wealth/health crystal soil'. Don't you think it look kinda cute?

Hope it will bring my family health, happiness, better relationship, good luck and wealth!

Couldn't resist this green apple.....This is about 1.5" in size (those in the pot are about 1"),
Going to put this in my car ; p

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leonardlvm said...

Cute! thought they were agar agar at first glance.