Monday, March 17, 2008

Claypot Chicken Rice

It's another 'work in' day on Sunday for Hub and I have to ransack my fridge to prepare dinner for him. Decided to cook claypot rice for him as I still have 2 chicken thighs in the freezer. I have cooked this many times since we got married and this is one of the easiest dish to prepare....
One-pot meal ; P

I was calculating the number of hours Hub worked a day....On a good day, he goes to work at 8am and comes home at 9pm; have his dinner, watched a bit of tv and he will start to work in the study room again around 10pm and crawl into bed around 2am....Gee, that's almost 17 hours of work on a good day!!! Well on bad days, he will wake up at 4am, goes to work at 5am and will only be back at 11pm!! Even on weekends!

I am really happy that Hub spends all his free time with me instead of going out with his mates. He is really a family man..... I am his only hobby....My poor Hub.... That's why I try to cook as often as possible so that he can have nutritious food prepared with love : )

Wanted to prepare this in a claypot but we were too hungry and I have to cook more rice....Sigh, can't fit that amount of rice in my new claypot....Well, as usual, I use my non-stick rice cooker. (Do not attempt this if you do not have a Non-Stick rice cooker unless you are prepare to spend 2 hours scrubbing your pot!!)

Here's the recipe:
2 Chicken thighs, cut into slices or squares
3 pcs of dried scallops (soaked in hot water and shredded)
About 7 pcs dried chinese mushroom (soaked in hot water and sliced)
1 thumb sized ginger, chopped

3 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp chicken marinade (Lee Kum Kee)
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 capful Stone's Ginger Wine (optional)
1 tbsp Hua Tiao cooking wine

A small piece of toasted salted fish (I usually use my small toaster oven to toast it)

Season the chicken with the seasoning except Hua Tiao wine and set aside, I use ginger wine as I ran out of ginger.

Do not discard the water you used to soak the scallop and mushroom, use it to cook your rice.
Add the shredded scallop with the raw rice into the rice cooker and cook it as you would for normal white rice. Fill in the water level to with tap water if the 'scallop/mushroom' water is insufficient.
This is how it look like when the rice is cooked.
In a saucepan, add 2 tbsp of oil and saute the ginger till fragrant. Add in the chicken and mushroom, stir it till almost cooked. Add in the Hua Tiao wine and scoup the chicken mixture onto the cooked rice. Like this,
Once you have added the chicken, cover it and hit the "Cook" button on your rice cooker and let it cook again. Once it is cooked, use your rice spatula and stir the whole mixture. Add in about 2 tbsp of cooking oil into the rice cooker and dark soya sauce (you can add more dark sauce if you like your rice dark like Happy Belly ; p) Stir the mixture evenly but be gentle so that you will not demage your non-stick rice cooker! Hit the "Cook" button again to get the crispy rice crust...
Add the toasted salted fish and Viola....This is the end product! According to Hub this is better than the famous Clementi claypot rice....Not sure if he really mean it or he is just grateful that I cooked dinner for him ; p
I will usually cook some green veg and soup to go with it but I only managed to pair it with canned soup last night. Sorry Hub, too last minute and I am not a magician....

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