Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look at my Feet!!!

Shermay Cooking School will be conducting their Macaron classes in May again!….I am so thrilled and tempted to attend since I have waited for almost half a year for them to bring the class back after all the festive seasons but the $138 fee is really making me think twice especially now that I am not working anymore….

So I planned to make some macaron based on my Japanese macaron book; “ I love Macarons”. If I can make some decent macarons today then I will not attend the class…*Grin*

I made a big mess while piping the mixture onto the baking tray and I ended up using spoon instead. Not bad since I can form circles without pipng...

As my plan was to master my macaron shells so I did not make any fillings at all plus Happy Belly does not like buttercream....My solution?......Nutella....*Evil Grin*

I made some with Nutella and some with Apricot & Strawberry preserves. The fruit preserves tasted really well as the sourness of the jam reduces the sweetness of the macaron shells.
This is the best looking one so far. And it tasted just like the ones from Canele. I managed to do the macaronnage step sucessfully too plus there's 'feet'! (the rough edges: the trademark of macarons)... : )
Verdict: I decided not to sign up for the class, I reckon I just need more practice to master the asthetic aspect of my macarons ; )

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