Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 4 In USA

I am beginning to get over my jetlag, it tends to get worse around 3 to 4pm here in the Eastern state coz that will be 3 to 4 am back home....I have been trying REAL hard not to doze off in the middle of my conversations with people....Wait till you see my eyebags..

It was a boring past few days here coz Hub's car is not ready for collection and thus we can't go to the Asian supermarket. There's really nothing in the apartment's kitchen....not even salt & pepper *roll eyes in disbelief* I feel so bored coz it's been a while since I last cook....

Hub's colleague has been kind enough to lend us his car and we managed to go to the factory outlets here yesterday ; ) It's REally BIG!! Well it's rows and rows of boutiques....Me likey!!!

Will see what I can whip up tonight with the frozen and ready to eat food in the freezer....Hopefully the car will be ready for collection tomorrow and I can buy all my Asian sauces tomorrow night...

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