Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day One in USA

After 21 hours of flying, 6 hours of transit, 45mins running like a mad woman in Chicago O'Hare airport chasing after my domestic flight (which I almost miss after spending more than 2 hours at the immigration) and 2 hours of driving from airport to Hub's apartment; I am proud to announce I am finally here in North Carolina!!! Hooray, I made it & in one piece!!!
And yes, I am really tired and my bum is sore from almost 30 hours of sitting... There is something wrong with my Blackberry, I can't seem to be able to connect to any of the network here. So if you are reading this, let the rest of the guys know that I am safe and sound k? Will try to get a local prepaid card this weekend. Let me show you my apartment, this is going to be my kitchen for the next 3 mths. Hub kept it real clean at the moment coz he can't cook at all... Man....; p

This is my own double Lazy-Boy armchair! Yes you can actually recline the back to almost 180 degrees....Kinda like the 1st class airline seats ; )

This is my favourite part of the place, my balcony which overlook a big pond. I will be resting at home to nurse my jetlag today. Hub is going to collect his new car this Sat and we are planning to pop by the biggest Asian supermarket here so that I can get some Asian sauces and start cooking!!!! Will keep you guys updated often ; ) and do keep your comments coming in so that I know that I am not alone...Miss ya..


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, your kitchen reminds me of the apartment we used to stay in LA...also for a short stay of about 3 months...8 years ago! Although it was small, it has all the necessary equipments...oven, microwave oven, and even a dish washing machine ;)

Happy Belly said...

Happy homebaker,

Yes, yes and the washing machine and dryer are kept in closet haha
Guess tatz bcoz they dont have a back yard to store them..

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Happy Belly, the apartment that we stayed...the washing machine and dryer were in this 'room' which was accessable via the balcony of one of the bedrooms. I could hear the machines working via the living room area, so if it was all quiet, I would go 'out' to collect the laundry :) Oh yes, my boy (he was 2 then) love the closets in the rooms!
One final thing, I was so amazed with the kitchen came with a function that allowed you to 'clear' whatever leftovers/remains from preparing the ingredients...hope u know what I mean? The funny thing is, I hardly use it, I still did it the manual way, ie into the rubbish bin ;P