Thursday, August 14, 2008

Simple Homecook Dinner

Hub's cough is getting better so that means I can start cooking spicy food, made this beef rendang on Monday. No I didn't make it from scratch; I do not want to buy too much spices as I will be here for only 3 mths, plus I don't have a grinder nor pestle/mortle to pound those spices...So I used Delimas Rendang Paste to make this. For those staying in Singapore, you can only get this premix from Sheng Siong supermarket. For those staying in States, you can order it from My Taste of Asia. I added carrots and tomatoes to the rendang, it's not too bad. Not very spicy though but I think they are better than Prima Taste premix (which I think is too sweet)
This is one of my favourite soup and it is suitable for those who doesn't like herbal tasting soup. Hub and T love this, they can finish 2 big bowls at one go. Especially when the weather is turning cold...Trust me you don't have to add any seasoning, it has all the sweetness from the veg and red dates : )
Here's the recipe:
Good ol' Chicken, Carrot & Corn Soup
1 big chicken, chopped into 4 pieces
3 sweet corn, break into twos
3 carrots, cut into abot 1 inch thick
1 handful of dried red dates (okok, about 18 dates)
1 handful of dried longans
1/2 cup of wolfberries
3 to 4 dried scallops (I did not add this as I can't find dried scallops in NC)
1. Scald the chicken with boiling water to remove all impurities (blood, fats and all)
2. Put all ingredient (except wolfberries) into a pot and fill up with enough water to cover all
3. Boil on high heat for 1 hour and switch to low heat and continue to boil for 3 hours
(If you are using slow cooker, fill up with hot water boil on High for 4-5 hours)
4. Add in wolfberries and let the soup boil for about 15mins before you serve
5. Big bowl of soup for everyone ; P*

Asparagus and mushrooms with oyster sauce and dried shrimp (to replace dried sole fish which can't be found here)


Anonymous said...

Great to see U back on track with all ur cooking.:-) my recipe book have been quite thirsty since May Hee Hee...

Happy Belly said...

I have to cook more often now as I have to get use to the electric stove ; )
Slowly getting hang of it...But you will be seeing repetative dishes as I didn't buy a lot of spices and seasoning here

agent orange said...

ya i agree, the prima deli one is too sweet. wats dried sole fish? is it kiam hee?

Happy Belly said...

Dried sole fish is a bit like kiam hee but not so salty. It's flat and can usually be found in Teochew fish porridge. It adds a unique taste & cripiness to veg/fish porridge(Teochew style)
; )