Monday, August 11, 2008

Where Are You George?

Hub managed to get a day off bcoz of our National Day and he gave me the option of either staying in NC and we will explore the beaches here or drive 4.5 hrs to Washington DC. My objective of staying in State is; to visit as many States as possible ; ) So I chose the latter.

As usual, since our dating days...we always plan our trips at the very last minute. We booked our hotel and printed all the maps at 10pm the night before and we set off at about 7am the next day.

The 1st stop we went to was the White House, hoping to catch a glimpse of President Bush ; p
Which we realised that night that he was in Beijing at the Olympic opening....We forgive you George....
Me being the typical tourist snapped pictures after pictures, I must have taken more than 300 pictures in DC! But I have to say the pictures really don't do justice to the beautiful sceneries and achitectural buildings we saw in DC. For example, it just cannot capture the 'majesticism' of the National's really iconic...Unfortunately we didn't manage to get the free tickets(which they give out at 8:30am everyday) to get to the observatory deck in the monument ; (

One of the 'must see' place for Hub is the National Mesuem of Natural History coz he says they always show it in the movies*raise eyebrows* But it was beautiful, we had a great time there..

The National Monument was situated between the US Capitol Building (white building above) and Lincoln Memorial...So the 3 structures are in line...

We had breakkie in Washington the 2nd day and visited the Lincoln Memorial after which we drove down to Virginia for lunch and visited the factory outlet there.....I tell you....It's huge! And lots of shopping for me : ))
We spent 5 hrs there.....
And ended up at Rocky Mount (NC) for lobster dinner...And reached home at 12 midnight...(9 hrs behind our planned time)
It was a good road trip which I enjoyed thoroughly with Hub, we will probably go to Virginia again as it is closer to where we are staying and I just found out that I have a cousin staying there...Thus a good excuse to go shopping again ; )


Anonymous said...

Envy! Envy! Envy! What can i say?! Only 1 word = ENVY!!! Thanks for the beautiful pic as i dun think i will ever set foot in USA due to my flight fright. for a moment I wish i could Disapparate :p

Happy Belly said...

Yes DC is beautiful. Will try to post more pics when I travel ; )