Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Red Dates Longan with Apples

It's been 3 weeks into Spring/ Fall and finally the weather is turning cold! I am so happy! I love the cold but I dislike the transition period.....It can be over 90F (about 32 degrees) on Monday and then the temperature drops to low 70s (abt 24 degrees) the next day.

That's why I have been making more 'liang cha' these few days... Made this a few days ago. Here's the recipe,

What you need:
2 red apples, cut into quarters
1/2 cup of dried longans
2 tbsp of bitter almond kernels
2 tbsp of sweet almond kernels
some rock sugar

Put all ingredients into a slow cooker
Add enough water to cover the ingredients
Set on High and boil for 3 hours

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