Friday, October 17, 2008

Anniversary in NC

It was Hub's birthday as well as our wedding anniversary today. I was out having lunch with the girls and when I came home, this was waiting for me on the dining table *coyish smile*

It's always nice to receive flowers from Hub, I can never get sick of it!
Unfortunately it will be too troublesome for me to bring it home especially when it's a 30hours journey back to Singapore...
Hence the best way to remember this sweet gesture was to capture it with my camera ; )

Happy Birthday & Anniversary!


Anonymous said...

So SWEET of him..... Envy envy envy again. Hee hee

Happy Belly said...

Thanks! Hub has been a really sweet husband all these years ; )
Perhaps our mums were right when they told us the best way to a man is thru' his stomach! Try that!