Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kitchen Closed

I will not be putting up any food posts these 2 weeks as I am going back to S'pore.....Trying to finish up whatever meat and sauces I have left in the fridge these few days. Plus I haven't been feeling very well the past few days. But I will still continue to post my tattlings and what nots... ; )

Oh.. I am so looking forward to my weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! Will keep you posted ; )


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.....u are not feeling too wel[eve in thinking mode] Could my dear frd here be P!*%$#%@t?????
I tink U are having retail therapy withdrawal sym. hee hee

Take Care!

Happy Belly said...

That's why I am heading down to myrtle beach this weekend for full retail therapy!!!!
Catch you when I'm back ; )