Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Assam Sambal Stingray

Whenever I stay overseas for more than a year, I would always miss the Grilled Chilli Stingray in S'pore especially the one at West Coast Food Centre ; p' This is the other way I like to eat my stingray or skate as the Aussies call it.....Assam style!

What You Need:

1 pc of Stingray, cut into chunks
5-6 ladyfingers/okra, sliced
2.5 heap tbsp of your favourite sambal chilli
2 tbsp of assam soaked in 1 cup of water, mixed and strained
1 tsp of sugar
pinch of salt

What to Do:

1. Fry sambal chilli in pan until fragrant
2. Add fish into pan and mix well
3. Add ladyfingers when fish is almost cooked
4. Add assam water, salt and sugar
5. Stir fry until ladyfingers are soft
6. Best Serve with rice ; )

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