Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Belly Shark's Fin Soup

I have not been cooking much since I came back, was busy packing the house so that I will be able to join Hub in States by I have so many errands to run before the little one arrive next month. The only thing that I have been cooking is herbal soup for the little one inside my tummy. This is what I can ransack from my fridge this morning and it actually tasted quite good, very clear and tasty ; p
Will definitely make this again...

What I used

Half a chicken, chopped into big pieces
2 carrots, thickly sliced
1 dried honey fig
3 pieces of dried scallops
Half packet of frozen shark's fin, defrosted

What to do
1. Scald chicken briefly with boiling water to remove any impurities (blood, marrow etc)
2. Put everything (except shark's fin) into slow cooker, add hot water until it covers all the ingredients.
3. Set slow cooker on HIGH for 4 hrs
4. Add in shark's fin and let it boil for another hour.
5. Add salt to taste if you want (I prefer mine without)

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