Monday, September 28, 2009

Teochew Braised Duck

Made this today purely from memories of helping my Mum in the kitchen when I was a young girl. Coming from a Teochew/ Peranakan family, Mum made this every fortnight and I will stay in the kitchen to help her. The aroma of cameralised sugar together with galangal and spices will always stay in my memory...and I used that to guide me to cook this ; )

Got to know that the local supermarket sells frozen duck which is a rare find, unlike the French, the Americans don't eat ducks...don't know why...I guess they don't really know what to do with it.

Anyway here's the recipe

1 whole medium duck
2 pieces of cinnamon bark
2 pieces of star anise
6 to 7 pieces of whole cloves
3 pieces of garlic(skin on)
1 thumb size galangal (I have to use ginger as I could not find galangal here)
About 12 pieces of cubed rock sugar
(or about 3 tbsp of sugar)
4 tbsp dark soya sauce
About 1.5L of boiling water
Hard Boiled eggs (shelled)

What to do
  1. Heat up sugar, spices, garlic and galangal in a big wok (do not use non-stick wok)
  2. Let sugar melt and caramelised, add in dark soy sauce and boiling water
  3. Let the mixture boil and add in the duck. Let it cook for about 30mins, add in eggs and continue to cook till meat is completely cooked.
  4. Dish out and enjoy!

The duck is too big for the 2 of us and I sliced up the balance meat for duck porridge tomorrow. Do keep the bones and sauce for the porridge! Will post the recipe soon ; P


The Little Teochew said...

I salute you! Really! This looks awesome yum!

Happy Belly said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Couldn't find galangal here so I substitute with ginger but somehow lost that extra kick.

Chilli Queen said...

DM is so blessedto have a wifey like U that he is no lack of SG even being far away from SG :D

Wah Yi said...

wow looks easy enough...i shall try it soon! why cannot use non-sticky pan? so that the sugar will burn and stick?

Happy Belly said...

Chilli Queen,
Thanks heehee I hope he feels that way too!

Wah Yi,
Ya, I try not to use non stick. The caramelized sugar may damage the coating..