Monday, November 3, 2008

Simple Teochew Porridge

Been so lazy to cook these days especially when I am staying alone now. Hub will be in States for the next 2 years...Sigh, miss cooking for him already ; (

Anyway this is what I had for dinner today, it was raining on and off and I am too lazy to go out to buy dinner.

Just simple Teochew porridge, exactly like the way my Mum prepared hers. I seasoned the fish fillet (you can use any white fish or even salmon) with sea salt and pan fry it till crispy and brown. Cook some plain porridge and my favourite condiment....Preserved Caixin!!!

Oh yes, fried fish will never be complete without my Mum's special chilli dip. You need about 5-6 chilli padi (sliced), 4 small limes (squeezed the juice) and about 1.5 tbsp of light soya sauce. I like this dip as it is very hot and sour...Try it with fried fish ; p

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